Solving problems so you can 


Who you are

  • You have an existing business that you are running or you are ready to start a new business.
  • You are passionate about this business and the impact it can have on your clients.
  • You have a problem that is impacting your business and are looking for a solution.

Healthy businesses grow and that growth comes from finding and focusing on the essential elements of that business.

The problems

All businesses face challenges when they are growing or getting started. Typical problems include attracting and retaining the right people, accessing capital, implementing the appropriate processes and software, obtaining the proper licensing, permitting or government approval, or even being able to measure whether or not you are making money.

Why you'd hire me

You want the problem solved so you can focus on running your business. You and your current staff don’t have the time to spend on the problem and it is impacting your business.

I will come up with a custom solution to solve your problem.

Examples of Problems and Solutions

1. People

A client in a creative field had lost their entire administrative and finance team in a short period of time. They weren’t sure if they should replace all of the individuals, outsource the work, or do something else. I worked with the employees and management to understand the business needs and present options and costs to the owners. Once we had agreed to consolidate three positions into one clear role, I posted the position, conducted interviews and brought the new employee onboard.

2. Processes

A distribution client was not in compliance with their bank covenants. I worked with the client and the bank representative to update the reporting and bring the client’s processes into accordance with GAAP. I also put into place monthly financial reporting that included tracking covenant compliance.

3. Financing

A northern Michigan township had a roadwork project that had been planned for several years but was short on funding. I worked with the Township, contractors, and several banks to bring a municipal bond proposal to the Township Board. It was accepted and the roadwork project was completed several months later.

4. Software

A client had purchased Quickbooks online to handle the accounting at their growing company in the construction industry, but they were not able to track their financial performance, forecast cash flow or even report on how much their customers owed them. I worked with their administrative team to fully implement Quickbooks and train their employees on how to use it properly. Now they get monthly financials and can accurately report on customer receivables.

5. Licensing

A client wanted to start a small craft distillery in Michigan and needed help getting it licensed. I managed the permitting processes with the Federal, State and Local governments, including attending meetings on the client’s behalf. Permitting was done in half the originally estimated time.

How it works

  1. I will meet with you and your team to learn more about your business and the problem you are facing.
  2. I will present you with a detailed proposal for how to solve the problem, which will also outlining the steps I will take, the time it will take, and the cost of the project.
  3. Problems get solved!

I would love to grab coffee or a beer with you and learn about your business.

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