Healthy businesses grow and that growth

comes from finding and focusing on the

essential elements of that business.


We love stories, the ones we have lived and the ones we are living.  Here is a bit about our founder and why he does what he does.

I grew up in my family’s business, literally and figuratively.  This gave me a chance to see first-hand the challenges of running a business, specifically the challenge of deciding what problems and opportunities to allocate time, labor and capital to.  I also got a chance to see the amazing impact a well-run business can have on its employees and the community.  

This has given me a passion for helping business owners figure out the best ways to grow their business so they can have the largest possible impact on their family, their employees, their customers, their vendors, and their community. 

When I am not helping clients or my amazing kiddos, I enjoy running, crossfit, cooking, camping and hearing people tell their stories.

Healthy businesses grow and that growth comes from finding and focusing on the essential elements of that business.


We work with our clients to clarify their mission and develop concrete, measurable steps to achieve this mission.

We love asking questions and facilitating discussion.  'Why do you want to grow?'  'What would growth look like to you?'  'How can we measure success?'  From those discussions we will work with you to come up with a measurable plan for success.


We've worked with a number of great people and businesses.  Here are a couple examples of the work we have done.

Providing CFO services to smaller, privately held companies

Managing real estate investment activities 

Bringing a client into compliance with their loan covenants

Assisting in the selection of an investment advisor and managing the implementation and measurement of the investment strategy

Selecting and implementing Enterprise Resource Management and Accounting software packages

Creating long term cash flow forecasting and tax planning


What does it look like to work with us?  Well, we like checklists a lot, so here is the list we use for our engagements.

1. Spend some time with the client.

The purpose of these meetings is to cover:

  • The client’s goals for this engagement
  • The client’s history
  • An overview of the client’s businesses
  • The client’s financial and organizational goals
  • Any major challenges the client and their businesses are facing

2. Meet with the client’s executive team and key employees.

These meetings are usually informal and the goal is to learn more about the client, the businesses, the business goals and the major issues the businesses are facing.

3. Conduct a complete review of the financial performance of the businesses.

This will include looking at historical performance and doing some forecasting. This review also gives us a chance to better understand the client’s accounting systems and staff.

4. Based on the interviews and collected data, put together some recommendations for the client.

These recommendations will focus on the major issues the company is facing and the client’s goals. We will include very specific action steps, a time line and metrics for managing the project. For example, if the company is currently underperforming the industry and the client wishes to sell the company in two years, we would come up with recommendations to improve performance and also some steps to best position the company and the client for a potential sale.

5. Work with the client to determine an ongoing level of involvement.

With most of our clients, we participate in the implementation of the recommendations. This allows the client’s current staff to spend most of their time running the business.


We would love to grab coffee or a beer with you and learn about your business.

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